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Video Of Exterminator Getting Rid Of Huge Hornet's Nest

Think your job is hard? THINK AGAIN!

In fact, we think you'll never complain about having to go to work ever, EVER again after seeing what this poor exterminator has to go through...

Exterminators have to deal with many pesky creatures, rats, mice, termites, all of which we thought would be horrible to deal with.

But none of these are as bad as the flying pests that they sometimes come across such as this one hornet's nest.

In the footage, all you can see is what looks like a million hornets buzzing around. Seriously it looks like the world is being attacked by one of the ten plagues.

And once you finally see past the hornets, you can spot the poor exterminator attempting to get rid of their nest in one of those beekeeping suits that cover you from head to toe.

And boy do those hornets look ANGRY! At one point the camera actually comes under attack by the buzzing pests as if they're trying to sting it!

We didn't realise before, but if this is what exterminators have to go through on a daily basis, they're the real MVP's out there!

But we don't think this video will garner up any increase in job applications for the profession...

That's one big lot of NOPE!

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