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Girl Who Keeps THOUSANDS Of Cockroaches As Pets

They're the creepy crawlies that make even the toughest of humans jump up onto the closest chair or run away screaming.

We're talking about the dirty, disgusting, cockroach.

I'm not really sure what it is about them that makes them so revolting, but it's likely a combination of the scaly body, wriggly antenna and the fact that they carry a million different germs.

Also anything that is meant to be able to survive an atomic bomb is just not normal...

Just the thought of one crawling over my unsuspecting foot is enough to send shivers down my spine, and so watching this young girl who has decided to keep over 7000 roaches as her PETS makes me feel like throwing up.

But for this 9-year-old from Tulsa Oklahoma, collecting cockroaches is an obsession, and she has been gathering the insects for five years now!

And they're not just you're average sized roaches either. She's got big ones, small ones, skinny ones fat ones...you name them, she's probably got a couple hundred of them.

Shelby Counterman even describes her "pets" as "really cute and funny" and she's even named some of them...something ain't right here...

Granted, her mission in creating the video where she shows of her roaches is kind of noble, as she wants to teach people about the apparently misunderstood creatures so that they're no longer afraid of them...

Seriously honey we think you're gonna hit a dead end real fast because I have never, ever in all of my years come across someone who actually likes cockroaches...

But if you think you're game, go ahead and take a look at the video for yourself. Seriously, just wait until she lifts up the pillow on her bed...You're going to need to take at least five showers to feel even slightly clean again.


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