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Wallaby Hops Across Sydney Harbour Bridge, Chased By Cops

Motorists got a surprise on the Sydney Harbour Bridge when a wayward wallaby hopped through traffic just before peak hour, with police hot on his tail before he was captured.

The marsupial jumped through cars from lane eight to lane one - without indicating - onto the Cahill Expressway and then to Macquarie Street at 5am on Tuesday.

Police filmed the male adult Swamp Wallaby as he calmly hopped along the nation's famous landmark before officers were able to capture him.

"It's believed the wallaby may have come from Cammeray Golf Course [in the city's north], but unfortunately he's not talking to us," NSW police spokeswoman told AAP.

A Taronga Zoo vet has checked over the marsupial, saying he's in good health.

The wallaby was thoroughly assessed by senior veterinarian Dr Larry Vogelnest, with a full body X-Ray showing no significant injuries, the zoo said in a statement.

He has been given pain medication and fluids and is in Taronga's Wildlife Intensive Care Unit for recovery and further monitoring.


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