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WATCH: Six-Year-Old Twins' ADORABLE Morning Routine

How's this for adorable?

A mum from Western Australia has posted a sweet video of the morning routine her six-year-old twins boys go through every day to remind themselves of just how amazing they really are.

The short clip, posted to Alisa Latto's Facebook page, explained that the "one minute mantra" had improved all of their lives.

"[It's] made such a difference to the craziness of rushed mornings and me being stressed and trying to get my kids out the door on time," the health blogger wrote. 

"We start this exercise with 10 deep breaths to help us all slow down and one thing we appreciate in our life and one thing we are looking forward to today."

Mrs Latto also explained the inspiration for the daily affirmation.

"I read an article recently that a child is given on average 200 negative statements about themselves each day," the post revealed. "Stop whining/ fighting/ being slow/ mean...

"You are... thoughtless/ stupid/ selfish/ fussy/ dumb/ a pain/ silly/ annoying/ horrible/ difficult etc. etc.

"Positive self talk is a habit just like eating well and self care. The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature.

"One minute of conscious uninterrupted daily positivity has been great for my boys."

Watch the sweet clip above, and just try not to smile!

Video via 123 Nourish Me

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