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We Now Know If Rose & Jack Could Have Survived On That Door

Ever since James Cameron blessed us with the story of Titanic, we’ve been enamoured with the story - no part quite as much as the recount of Rose and Jack’s fight for survival.

One of the questions that has plagued generations for years is one surrounding the door that Rose survives on; SURELY Jack could have fit on there too?


Then he wouldn’t have had to sink to a watery grave, am I right? Well as it turns out, a group of students have given us the answer, once and for all.

The group of award-winning students from Westminster students has proved that both Jack and Rose would have survived - had they put their minds to it.

Abigail Wicks, Christy Zhang and Julia Damato used their own research and mathematical formulae to discover the lovers would have made it if they both stayed on the door and put their life jackets underneath it to stay afloat.

When figuring out the problem, they had to take into consideration the door’s buoyancy, and how that would change with people on top of it.

“There was a lot of exploring and testing, and we had to fiddle with different buoyancies and look at what materials were realistic for that time,”

15-year-old Abigail said. Julia, 15, says the team also needed to factor in how the door’s buoyancy would have been affected by the water’s salt content.

Their teacher said - and we agree - that it was a unique opportunity for students to do ‘something a little bit different’ with their maths skills.


Source: news.com.au

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