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Welcome Home! Violet Crumble Returns To Aussie Ownership

It's the treat that everyone has fond memories of growing up with, and now the humble Violet Crumble is back in Aussie hands.

South Australian business Robern Menz, who already make FruChocs and Choc Honeycomb, have announced that they've signed an agreement with Nestlé to acquire the iconic brand.

With their classic purple and yellow wrappers Violet Crumble chocolate bars with their yummy honeycomb toffee centre, have been made in Australia since they were first invented way back in the 1910s in Melbourne.

However, this new deal with Nestle won't include the famous Bertie Beetles chocolates, which are made using honeycomb left over from making Violet Crumble.

UK migrant Abel Hoadley set up A. Hoadley & Company in the 1890s, and invented the chocolate with the distinctive purple and yellow packaging believed to be a tribute to his wife’s favourite flower and colour.

Hoadley’s Chocolates was sold to UK-based Rowntree Company in 1972.

Nestle then bought Rowntree in 1989 and has been making Violet Crumble in Campbellfield near Melbourne.

Robern Menz say they will continue to use the original recipe and plan to reintroduce the product in “a variety of nostalgic formats loved by generations of Australians,” 

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