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Were This Couple Lying About Being Pregnant?

Nia and Sam and their two babies are pretty much Youtube sensations. They found fame with a Frozen parody and have been since known as the 'good looking parents'.

However, they're in the headlines for a different reason this time.

The couple got everyone's attention with a video announcing their pregnancy with their third child in an extremely nontraditional way: Sam letting Nia know that she was pregnant!

He took a urine sample from the toilet to test and filmed himself springing the good news!

Then, the very next day things seemed to take a turn for the worst.

The couple uploaded a very different kind of video for their channel, showing and talking through their grief as they come to terms with the fact that they have miscarried their baby.

According to BuzzFeed News, doctors have advised that the method Sam used to discover whether or not his wife was pregnant may not have been reliable.

Perinatologist at Mayo Clinic Wendy White told BuzzFeed she would not recommend using urine that had been sitting in a toilet for a while for pregnancy test results: "It would lead to false negatives, and theoretically could lead to false positives as well." Another doctor echoed her sentiments, saying the toilet water could have diluted the pregnancy hormone completely. Neither of the doctors commented directly on Nia's pregnancy.

The couple tweeted just after learning of the miscarriage:

However, the following day the couple posted a video featuring a trip to Legoland. This prompted many people to comment that they didn't believe the miscarriage had happened in the first place.


The couple then took the opportunity to comment again:

Source: Cosmopolitan

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