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We've Never Wanted To Buy A Pair Of Granny Panties More

Thought you would never, ever look at a pair of granny panties and actually want to whip your credit card out?

Today that may just change. 

Some very clever merchandise just came onto the market. 


And each style is suited to the Golden Girl, of course!

The Rose is simple and sweet - and who wouldn't want Betty White wearing pearls keeping you decent!


If you want the opposite end of the spectrum and want to spice things up, then the Blanche is for you ;)

Somehow they managed to make granny panties risky... by making them crotch-less with black and yellow lace...


A more practical option and the most demure of the quartet is the Dorothy. 

Black, white and lacy. 


Finally we have the Sofia.

All we can think of when looking at these is the true Bridget Jones ginormous panties... except there's a giant Sofia smiling back at you. We'd love to see these in the next movie...

These are the holy grail. High wasted, nude spanx. 

At least they have a proper use. 


Which would you choose? 

Buy them at Etsy here.

H/T: Hellogiggles

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