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What You Can Do To Ensure Back To School Is Stress Free

With most schools starting back next week, we know that this time of year can be SUPER stressful.

Uniforms, school supplies, lunchbox items and kid anxiety that the summer holidays are over.

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that going back to school is as stress-free as possible - for the kids AND for you.


The 'R' word that makes every parent sing - ROUTINE. 

We know that school holidays can be a time of fun, frivolity and late bedtimes, but it does throw the old routine out the window.

This week, start giving them a more regular bedtime so they get into the habit of waking up that little bit earlier...and on time!


Preparation is key and getting your kids involved is well, genius!

Our favourite part of ANY school year is buying school supplies. Just the smell of Officeworks brings us back... the coloured pens, the notebooks, contacting school books - while this is becoming a thing of the past, being prepared for that first day is KEY.

If your kids notorious for losing things, check out these incredibly easy no iron Avery Labels. GAME CHANGER.

Create a one week out back to school checklist - even if you can tick off a few things already - believe it or not, this will make you feel completely organised!


Parents can often DREAD making lunchboxes and just the general humdrum of next week’s looming routine.

Start the planning/baking/freezing THIS WEEK so Sunday night can be a time for relaxing and knowing that you Monday morning will not be a frenzied rush!

celebrate the first day back

Need a little help from the bribery fairy? Some kids struggle to go back to school - so maybe promise a little something while starting a new tradition.

We don't mean something new like an iPad - we mean something FUN! 

It doesn't have to be huge, but marking the first day back at school with something as little as a gold star on their happiness chart or dinner at the local Italian.

Make it something where the kids can tell you about their first day and what they're looking forward to next... plus you're spending that amazing quality time you'll miss once they're not running around the house 24/7!

It's a win win for everyone!


Being a parent of a school starter (esp a prep kid) can be an emotional time...and remember - all parents are in the same boat. Your kid is growing up!

Talk with other parents or make time to do something for YOU so that sending your kids off to school is much easier.


Most of all, enjoy the process! These years don't last forever!



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