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Who Are The Best? Gladiators Or Ninja Warriors!

While Australian Ninja Warriors is currently dominating our TV's as athletes from various sporting backgrounds compete to make it through the INSANE obstacle course that's located on the mysterious 'Ninja Island' we thought it was a good chance to have a look back at the 90's show that set the bar for extreme athleticism (and spandex!) GLADIATORS!


Incredibly, the show only ran for just two years and featured a bunch of buff athletes with regular everyday names such as Vulcan, Cheeta, Tower, Blade, Force and Hammer (Who was actually former Rugby League star Mark McGaw)


The show saw regular (albeit pretty fit looking) people compete in such events as Hang Tough, where they attempted to propel themselves mid air holding onto gym rings (while the Gladiators tried to knock them off) the Suspension Bridg, where contestants tried to cross a narrow bridge while a Gladiator tried to knock them off, and the Pyramid where they attempted to reach the summit of a giant pyramid that looked like it was made out of school gym mate, while, you guessed it, the Gladiators tried to knock them off.


Featuring buff, spandex clad Aussies surprisingly proved to be short lived phenomenon, with only three series made between 1995 and 1996 before an unsuccessful reboot in 2008.

With the huge success of Ninja Warriors, surely it's only a matter of time before we hear "GLADIATORS READY???" on the telly again? 


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