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Why This Bride-To-Be Is Wanting A REFUND On Wedding Photos

An unusual email has been circulating online of a bride-to-be making a request to the photographer who will capture the memories of her special day.

The woman’s request is that she receive a full refund should she and her husband divorce in the future.

According to Daily Mail, the woman explains in an email which was posted to Reddit, that she has experienced 'issues with the contracts we are coming across.'

'We are wanting a clause that guarantees us a refund should we ever get divorced,' the pessimistic fiancee writes.

'We would not need the photos in that situation.'


She asks if photography companies would inform her if it is a common stipulation or if they would 'be willing to add' the clause.
The response to the post has been predictably one-sided, with many scolding the lack of hope in the relationship.

'It's good to be optimistic about the future of your marriage,' one person wrote.

'Honestly, what were they thinking? Does the photographer's work somehow become undone if the marriage fails?' another displeased observer commented.

It is unknown whether the woman was successful in finding an appropriate snapper.    

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