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Recover - Injury Research Centre

Have you recently been injured in a road traffic crash?

You might be eligible to participate in Recover’s Injury Impact Study. This study aims to better understand your experiences and perspectives on recovery.

We require people who are aged 18 to 65 who have:

• Been injured in a road traffic crash within the last 3 months
• Sustained an injury that requires medical attention
• Submitted a claim to a motor vehicle insurer

You will receive a $25 gift voucher every time you complete a weekly online survey. There are six weekly surveys for participants to complete. The total value of the gift vouchers will be $150 if all six surveys are completed.

To participate or learn more email research@recover.edu.au or visit http://recover.edu.au/research-participation/injury-impact-study/  

Recover is a leading injury research centre, and is a joint initiative of The University of Queensland and Griffith University. The mission of Recover is to conduct research aimed at increasing our understanding of the physical and psychological consequences of injuries, especially those sustained in road traffic crashes. It is only through ongoing research that it will be possible to develop more effective treatments to lessen the physical and psychological suffering that can arise following injury.

Researchers at Recover are recognised internationally for their work on: a) factors for delayed recovery, b) the development of treatments to manage complications arising from injury, and c) the development of accessible environments for individuals who remain disabled following an injury.

Visit http://recover.edu.au/ for further information.

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