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iPhone Feature Tags All Of Our Clevage Shots And Hmmmm

We all know Big Brother is well and truly watching in today's world of technology. 

But just how much? 

By now you have probably noticed that your iphone (and subsequent social media) photos are smarter in recognising tags.

But it's not just recognising people's faces / selfie cam / beach landscapes that are being tagged. 

Your iPhone is also keeping a folder of photos that it has tagged 'brassiere' among other things. 

Yet there are no such tags for men's boxer shorts or focuses on male body parts. 

While it's been happening for the better part of a year, people are only cottoning on to it now. 

Try it yourself!

Go into your camera roll and search... 

There's actually a huge list of different key words and tags that your iPhone is keeping track of. 

You can see it here...

Now that we've scared you enough - switch off and search 'dogs' or 'baby' in your camera roll and delve into a whole new level of cuteness. You're welcome. 

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