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Aldi’s Latest Special Buy Sold Out in RECORD TIME!

This morning, Aldi launched their ‘Style your room’ range across the country and people have gone bananas for it!

According to news.com.au, if you arrived just 30 seconds after Aldi opened their doors, you missed out on the grey $99 Fabric Accent Arm Chair as it sold out at the Chatswood store in Sydney within 20 seconds.

It is being labelled as the most sought after item of the year for the discount supermarket.


Kane from Sydney, who had been lining up since 8am, was sent by his wife to grab one of the six chairs stocked on the shelf.

“I need to rush in and get it or I’m in big trouble,” he told news.com.au ahead of doors opening.


“It’s my only job is to come home with one ... so it should be fun with this crowd. I just need to run.

The range included quilt covers, cushions, throw blankets, wall art, rugs, side tables and towel sets.

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