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Born At Just 24-Weeks, Lillian Is A Miracle Baby

Lillian has fought hard for life.

Suffering nine lung collapses, eight chest infections, a brain bleed, meningitis, a sepsis sore and having spent weeks on ventilation and oxygen, she’s gone through more than most of us.

What’s more? She’s less than three months old.

Lillian and her mum Lisa Connor-Melville are just one family that the Ronald McDonald House in Brisbane have helped in their time of need.


Born 16 weeks premature, Lillian always had a tough road ahead of her, but if she has proven anything in her short time on earth, it’s that she’s an absolute fighter.

Perhaps she gets it from her mother.

While trying to be a rock for her newborn daughter, with her husband and three children back at home in central Queensland, Lisa too has had more than her fair share of health issues.

A concealed abruption put a ticking time bomb on the delivery of her fourth child. Doctors had just ten minutes to save both mum and bub.

That’s when they performed their first miracle.


At 11:48pm on the 26th August 2016 Lillian Rose was born at the Mater Mother’s Hospital, weighing in at a mere 628 grams.

The day was not done, however, with Lisa immediately returning to theatre after suffering a haemorrhage that saw her lose five litres of blood.

And that was just the beginning of their fight.

Her husband, Brenton, gave away his job when Lisa was 18 weeks pregnant to look after the kids’ full time at their home in Tara – six hours from Brisbane - after multiple hospital admissions.

But that means without a solid income, the trip to Brisbane is too costly for the family to visit often. Even Lisa has only returned home once since Lillian’s birth.


While Brenton and the three young children, Matthew, 6, Annie-Lee, 5, and Tyler, 3, are at home in Tara, Lisa has had to lean on others for support.

Throughout the small wins and heartbreaking setbacks, she has found comfort from the NICU nurses and those at the Ronald McDonald House – and let’s face it, there have been more setbacks than wins.

Lisa has spent 72 days so far at the home, and will most likely spend more time there in the leadup to Christmas – a holiday they hope to celebrate with Lillian in Tara.

The young mum credits the accommodation service for helping ‘glue her back together’ and said she will be forever indebted.


“I couldn't do it without them, I would have to travel once a week down to my daughter - 12 hours back and forwards - I could not have done this without them none of it,” Lisa said.

“They have been a miracle they have gone above and beyond to look after me and my family it's a wonderful place.

“I don’t know how ever to thank the nurses ever or Ronald McDonald either.

“I think I’ll be forever in their debt and no amount of chocolate or cards or flowers will ever be enough to thank them for saving my daughter and my family and keeping me glued together.”


When asked what advice she would give other families going through trying times, Lisa’s message was simple.

“Stay strong. Look for help. Don’t shut the door to anyone,” she said.

“They’re there to help, always.”

If you would like to make a donation to Lisa, Lillian and their family to help with medical and transport costs, you can do so via this GoFundMe page. 

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