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How To Tell If My Pet Is Eating OK

It’s hard for our pet companions to tell us what they’re thinking… so we make many choices for them, like their food each day. 

But how do we know if they’re really thriving on it?

Some obvious signs to look out for are a dull coat, excess scratching, loose or sloppy stools, and the one we all hate: that excess gas that can clear a room!

They can also be fussy, so how do we cater to what they love, and what’s good for them? We spoke to Steven Deveraux-Stanford from Ivory Coat.

“A dog’s primary diet should be meat, and then, a smaller amount of highly nutritious vegetables,” he said.

“If you don’t have the time to prepare all your dog’s meals, there are some great foods out there.

“I’d look out for a food that lists a quality meat as the first ingredient, and contains NO grains or wheat.

“Removing the grain makes way for more meat and vegetables.

“Lastly, look for local. Australia has access to some of the best produce in the world, so take advantage of it!”

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