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Kmart Released A Doggo Birthday Outfit And It's TDF

If you own a doggo, no doubt he or she graces your instagram account more than anyone else - and with good reason, who’s a cuter star for your socials?

You may also be fond of dressing your furry friend in outfits, I mean, not every day, but when they’re feeling especially playful… and like putting up with our crap.

The good guys at Kmart have come up with a birthday outfit to blow other doggos out of the water, and to be honest, we want to get a pup JUST to wear this get up.

The set features an aqua and white T-shirt with the words, ‘Happy Birthday to me’, and comes complete with a hat with candle on top.

At $4 each, you can buy them separately or spring for the $8 and deck your doggo out right…

Cute AF pup not included..

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