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Latest Baby Trend Could Be Putting Your Child at SEVERE Risk

Parents are being warned of a social media trend which is putting their children's lives at risk.

Photos of babies floating with the aid of a neck float are littering social media but parenting organisations and swimming teachers are warning of the safety concern and labelled it a 'death trap'.

According to the Stoke Sentinel, the floats work by sitting around a baby's neck, allowing their bodies to dangle below in the water but the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) issued a grave statement, saying the device could cause undue stress to babies.


Kayle Burgham, STA's aquatics manager, said: "While disengaging from the world in floating tanks can be wonderfully relaxing for stressed adults; this is not what babies want or need – physically or emotionally.

"This isolated activity completely goes against the very essence of baby swimming, which is human contact: bonding with your child so they can explore the water in a safe, relaxed, fun environment."

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