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Some Bloke Is Being Tormented By A Minion Who Stole His Lawn

Someone in a minion costume has been running around Kalgoorlie in Western Australia tormenting a man by stealing a part of his lawn. Not only has this minion stolen a piece of lawn, but it has gone as far as creating a Facebook page and uploading photos and videos of itself dancing with a shovel.


Bradley Nicklin is the victim being pranked by the minion and he woke last Sunday morning to find that a small section of his lawn had disappeared. When he noticed how meticulously the lawn had been removed, he checked his home’s CCTV security footage and discovered the minion stealing his lawn with a shovel!

Nicklin believes his minion tormentor is a friend of his, telling Yahoo, “I’ve got a funny feeling it’s one of my mates because I sent a Snapchat earlier that weekend saying how good my grass was.”

Things have since escalated and the minion has taken to Facebook, creating an account named Carl Minion. The account contains a video of the criminal minion watering a lawn, along with photos of it running along a footpath with Nicklin’s stolen lawn in hand. 

This truly is a wild story! When will the minion strike next? 

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