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Struggle To Get Out Of Bed? We've Found The Solution!

Love a good snooze? Struggle to get out of bed? Think it's finally time to do something about it?

Well we've found the solution - although we can't guarantee you won't go at it with a hammer after the first morning!


Called 'Clocky' and 'Tocky' these alarm clocks are guaranteed to get you out of bed as they scamper about the room - with you cursing behind them.


According to the creators of these horrific brilliant clocks, Nanda Home, 40% of people 'abuse' the snooze button.

Their solution was simple: create an alarm clock on wheels and another that not only jumps off your night stand but runs away across the floor.

Retailing from $39.99, we still can't decide whether they are pure genius or madness.

Check them out here and decide for yourself...

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