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THIS Name Is The Strongest Contender For Royal Baby #3

OK, so Royal bebe #3 is well and truly on its way, but it seems we already have a couple of contenders for a name.

Based on what Wills’ and Kate have already named their first two children, George and Charlotte, there is a bit of a method to this madness.

It’ll probs be a ‘current’ name

At the time of their respective births, both ‘George’ and ‘Charlotte’ were popular names in the UK. George was ranked 12 in 2012 and Charlotte was ranked 23 in 2014.

It’ll be likely to honour a family member

George’s middle name, Louis, is also William’s middle name. Similarly, Charlotte shares her mother’s and maternal grandmother’s middle name of Elizabeth. Charlotte is also her aunt Pippa’s middle name and of course, Diana speaks for itself.

Extended family OK, immediate family not so much

William has cousins named George, Alexander, and Louis and Charlotte Diana, so repeating names seems to be a thing - considering it’s not that of immediate family members (specifically the children and grandchildren of the Queen).  are probably off the menu.  

Likely girls’ names

- Alice

- Amelia/Emily

- Sophia

- Eleanor

- Matilda

- Isabella

Likely boys’ names

- Arthur

- Frederick

- Albert

- Alfred

The due date of the child was first thought to be sometime in April 2018, however, it’s now thought to be arriving as early as March.


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