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Why You Should NEVER Throw Away Those Little Silica Packets!

You know when you buy something new and you see a weird little silica gel pack inside?

No-one knows what they’re for - only that you should not, under any circumstances eat it.

The warnings are HUGE - though, I can’t work out why you’d want to do that anyway. I have much better ideas for my lunches, thank you VERY much!

But, did you know they’re about as useful to have around the house as a bobby pin or safety pin? Read: VERY useful.

You see, the stuff inside them are little balls of silicon dioxide, which basically works to remove moisture and keep things dry.

Here’s how you can get the most out of them…

1. Dry out your wet mobile phone

As soon as you can after fishing your phone out of water, remove the SIM card, dry off as much as you can and place it in a glad-wrap bag with silica gel packets.

2. Unfog your car windscreen

During the chillier months, this is a lifesaver! Simply put a few of the silica gel packets under the windscreen of your car and you won’t need to wait around for ages while the fog clears from the glass!

3. Make your razor blades last longer

When blades are too wet for too long, they can get blunt and fail to work as well. Popping a few silica gel packs in a container where you store you razors can help them stay sharper for longer.

4. Preserve your make-up

Throwing a silica gel packet in your bag can stop your make-up ‘sweating’ during long hot summers. It also means they’re less likely to crack or crumble.

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