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Woman Horrified to Learn Her Backyard Was Invaded by SPIDERS

A family have been left horrified after a very stubborn colony of spiders have taken over their backyard.

Harvey Bay residents, Denise and Sean Torkington, were shocked to learn what they thought was dew under their kid’s trampoline was actually a ‘gigantic cobweb.’

According to Daily Mail, the Queensland family have lived at the property for six years but this 'strange phenomenon' was the first they'd ever seen.

'My husband kicked it away hoping they would move on but they rebuilt it overnight and it was grown everyday since.'

Mrs Torkington took to a gardening group on Facebook for advice, but left group members stumped and sarcastically encouraging the family to 'burn everything and run'.

'This is the thing nightmares are made of,' she said. 

The family are enlisting a professional pest removal service to hopefully keep the impostors away from their yard permanently. 

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