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Aussie Cafes Set To Start Rationing Smashed Avocado

If you love your bacon and eggs with a side of smashed avocado, you’re certainly not alone.

However, you may want to savour the taste, because your favourite flavoursome breakfast accompaniment is about to become endangered.

Yep, your smashed avocado is about to become rationed, meaning that you won’t be enjoying the plentiful half avocado serve you’re used to.

It’s all due to the gap in harvest seasons, which caused supplies to fall - and prices to spike. According to a report on the ABC, avos are being sold for as much as $9 a piece in supermarkets.

Head chef of Cairns cafe Caffiend, Madeleine Crawford, said the cost of wholesale trays has also surged.

"This time last year they probably would have been down to $45-$50 a tray and now we're paying $95 a tray," she told the ABC.

Ms Crawford said smashed avo on toast is the outlet's most popular dish, along with sides of half an avocado.

It’s these numbers that have made her consider dropping avocados from the menu altogether, instead she’s reducing the size of the serving, so instead of serving a whole half of an avocado, they’re serving a quarter instead.

Get used to it…

Source: ABC

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