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Brisbane Has Giant Pancakes Now And YUMMO

(Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza)

Brisbane! Your new breakfast obsession has arrived!

There’s a new foodie trend, straight from the streets of Japan, and is landing right in the heart of the CBD: the famous Japanese Soufflé Pancake!

These insta-worthy brekkie items are fluffy, light and topped with MERINGUE (so really, we can eat them at ANY time of the day).

The pancakes come from Japanese café Harajuku Gyoza at Albert Lane in Brisbane, and are 15cm in height.

In case you were worried that meringue wasn’t enough, they are drizzled in Nutella sauce, cream, bananas and maple syrup. Talk about sugar coma.

If you can’t get there this weekend (that’s OK, we’ll try it for you), these delish dishes are becoming a permanent fixture on the menu.

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