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Brisbane Restaurateurs Being Scammed By Backpackers

Brisbane Restaurateurs are spreading the word after being allegedly scammed by a group of Irish travellers.

The group have been accused of putting glass shards into their meals to deceive restaurant owners and servers.

Emi and Marie, who own Birds Nest, are just two of the Victims in the charade.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Marie said:

"They were three ladies, somewhere between 20 and 30," she said. "It was a little hard to tell as they had heavy makeup, made up hair, not wearing much clothing."

After seemingly enjoying their meal, the customers "turned nasty" and began "screaming" they had found glass in their food.

Marie told the diners that is hadn't come from the kitchen, however, they began to gang up on her yelling that the "children had eaten this food".

The group demanded to stay for free drinks, bringing the bill to $250.

A week later, Marie found out that other restaurants had also been targeted, including Creole Soule Kitchen in Spring Hill.

Police are currently investigating.

Source: Nine News

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