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Cadbury Are Hiring A Professional Chocolate Taster

If your dream job involves eating all of the chocolate that you can imagine and doing a bit of travel, then we think we have found the perfect position for you!

The lovely people over at Cadbury want to pay YOU to be one of their new professional chocolate tasters in the Uk! The perfect candidate will be willing to try new and inventive products and be able to share their opinions on the taste with a panel.

They are looking to hire three people and successful applicants must be available to move to rub shoulders with the royals and make the move to the the UK.

The job is a part time position requiring only seven and a half hours of work per week, meaning that the rest of your time can be spent exploring the sights in your new home town.

You can apply here, but you'd better be quick because applications close 16th February.

Say no more! I’m packing my bags and writing up my application now.

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