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Cadbury Creme Egg Pizza Is A Thing And Our Body Is SO Ready

Ever since the first dessert pizza was invented people have been coming up with deliciously sweet creations from Nutella to apple crumble and even caramel toffee, all piled up on a a pizza base and cut in slices for easy consumption.

But never have we seen a sweet pizza creation as DECADENT as this one. Feast your eyes on the Cadbury Creme Egg pizza and get ready for the drool to start flowing.

The pizza was designed by Mr Ricky, Prince of Desserts and it is chock-full with enough sweet treats to put you into a sugar coma.

Imagine a pizza base made of caramel flan rather than the dough traditionally used on a savoury kind. This is then slathered in a thick coating of Nutella, vanilla ice cream and a whole heap of Creme eggs split in half so that their deliciously gooey insides spill out evenly across the base.

And to make it just that extra bit sweeter, instead of spreading cheese over the top, this pizza variety is covered with sprinkles and chocolate shavings.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the man behind this mouth-watering creation has explained just how he came up with the idea to combine one of Cadbury’s most delicious chocolate treats with everyone’s favourite cheat-day snack.

"I saw the flan base and just thought Creme Eggs would be something fun to add on top. We are always looking to expand our range to keep the customers coming back, and with the sweet pizza our customers can choose what they want for a topping just like any other pizza.”

That’s right the Creme Egg isn’t the only sweet pizza that you can buy! According to Mr Ricky the Ferrero Rocher and Galaxy Caramel are also incredibly popular toppings for his customers.

Of course, the only real downside to the Cadbury Creme Egg pizza is the calories that come with it. We’re talking more than double of that of a traditional savoury pizza at 2,200 calories.

While we’re not saying that you can’t treat yo self it’s definitely something that should be an occasional treat rather than a weekly meal.

The only other annoying thing is that Mr Ricky, Prince of Desserts is not located in Australia. But we’re sure that even those who aren’t too experienced in the kitchen would be able to give making this dessert a crack!

We sure know what we’ll be making for our movie marathon this weekend!

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