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Coca-Cola Are Releasing A New Flavour Tomorrow

Since the beginning of the iconic soft drink Coca-Cola, the company has attempted to get us to 'Taste The Feeling' with various flavours.

As if they're thirst-quenching original flavour wasn't good enough, Coca-Cola have provided us with a variation of options including vanilla, lime, cherry and of course the recent coffee edition.

And now the drink company have announced that a new flavour is heading to our stores as soon as TOMORROW, and it is set to be the perfect drink for cooling you down this Summer!

The new flavour is, drum roll please....

Coca-Cola Raspberry!

The release of Coca-Cola Raspberry comes to Australian shores after it's success in New Zealand and a spokeswoman from the company, Lisa Winn, has said that we can expect to see it on the shelves tomorrow.

"Coke Raspberry offers fans the quintessential summer flavour with a delicious splash of raspberry for something new," she said.

"We've seen how much Australians have been enjoying out other limited edition flavours, like Coke Plus Coffee and Coke Plus Ginger. Introducing a twist of raspberry seemed like the perfect fit for the Australian summer."

And if this wasn't already exciting enough, Ms Winn also hinted that we could be seeing even more new flavours introduced in the near future.

"Australians can expect more exclusive and limited edition flavours in the coming year as we work to create new, delicious combinations to match the diverse tastes of our customers."

While we have to wait until tomorrow to try this raspberry edition, we're already betting that it's going to be delicious. After all, it is Coke, and so if we know one thing for certain it's that it will be deliciously refreshing.

Perfect for a scorching hot summers day Down Under!


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