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Completely Solid Easter Eggs Are Now A Thing

Of course when it comes to chocolate, there can never ever be enough.

That's why we're so excited for this time of year because Easter is just around the corner and this means we're all about to be swimming in Easter eggs.

Which is great but of course we've all noticed the one flaw that all Easter eggs have.

And that is that they are hollow inside! Which is pretty much as disappointing as a chip packet half filled with air.

Well thanks to one clever company, we no longer have to feel the heartbreak of biting into a thin chocolate shell because SOLID Easter eggs are now a thing!

The Solid Chocolate Company is the genius behind this creation, which comes in four different flavours to satisfy any taste buds.

The choices include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate with caramel.

If this couldn't get any better, the company have also thought of a way to make the egg of our dreams mess free with 42 bitesize pieces.

Yep, no need to worry about getting chocolate all over your pearly whites.

The solid eggs are currently available on Amazon for $40, which is a lot for chocolate. But totally worth it when you realise you're getting up to triple the amount of chocolate in a traditional Easter egg.

Unfortunately they are not yet available in Australia but hopefully one day soon we will get to experience this chocolatey goodness.

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