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Could You Complete This INSANE Big Mac Challenge?

At first glance, this Big Mac challenge seems totally, utterly doable; like, we've probably eaten more after a massive night out

But then they bring in the thickshakes and it all just gets a bit... heavy.

The Big Mac Challenge pits one person against their own stomach, calling on the lucky/ brave participant to eat four Big Macs, four large fries and four large thickshakes in ONE hour.

There's a couple of caveats, too; you have to keep it all down for 30 minutes after you're done eating to qualify as winning, and you can't make any substitutions.

(Except for pickles. You can have them removed if you want because, let's face it, pickles suck.)

But you're also not required to eat the food in the traditional way - which means you can blitz it all in that NutriBullet you got for Christmas and have only used twice.

"It is not a good idea to attempt this as it is physically impossible, regardless of your preparations, strategy, size or weight," the organisers' chilling Facebook event warns. "Believe us, we've seen it all.

"Fair warning: if you think you can do this, you're wrong. But for some reason people keep on trying.

"And we'll keep drinking their beers."

We're telling you, it's the thickshakes that'll get you. All that milk you see.


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