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Do You Hate Coriander? Turns Out There's A Good Reason Why

Do you hate on coriander?  Scientific fact has proven that for you!


There are some, well actually quite a few of you that just don’t like coriander. Some may even call it “devils weed”!

But why do you hate it so much!? It’s just a herb with a strong flavour?

So, according to science, there’s between four and 14% of the population that can taste something completely different. That’s a small percent! Well if you fall into that category, then you are literally screaming out SOAP!

SciShow, a science show on YouTube, quizzed 30,000 people to survey what the most hated herb tastes like to them. The show’s host Hank Green said:

“Subjects who said that coriander made salsa taste like bubble bath had similarities in a cluster of smell receptor genes that–surprise–detect the smell of soap. They tended to share one gene in particular which codes for the receptor that picks up the scent of aldehyde chemicals....There is more than one aldehyde responsible for giving cilantro its distinctive smell and they also happen to be a byproduct of soap making.”


So there you go! The most hated herb has been scientifically proven as to why ya’ll hate it so much! Time to NOT add some soap to your next meal?

By Chris De Bonis

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