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Domino’s Wants To Know If You’re Down With Vegan Cheese

Pizza is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to quick, easy and most importantly, delicious food. Who knew that something as simple as a round piece of dough topped with sauce, vegetables and a massive amount of cheese would become so popular among the general population.

With that being said, why should it be that our vegan pals have to settle for a pizza without cheese? It’s totally unfair.

Fortunately, Domino’s have become aware of this huge unfairness and have asked quite a loaded question to their social media followers, “Do you want vegan cheese?”.

After an overwhelming response, the popular pizza chain posted this rather cryptic update:

If Domino’s were to add vegan cheese to the menu it would mean that not only would vegans be able to enjoy pizza to the full extent, but the lactose-intolerant would be able to eat a deliciously cheesy pizza too!

What a time to be living in! 

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