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Donut King Now Make V Energy Flavoured Donuts

You know how V Energy has those famous ads that see’s a person compared to a better version of themselves with the catch phrase “isn’t that just me drinking a V"? 

Well soon they’re going to have to change this to “isn’t that just me EATING a V” because a V flavoured donut now exists and it’s go all of the energy benefits that one of their cans does!

V Energy have joined up with Donut King to unveil a pick me up that they say will put your usual cup of coffee to shame.

On the outside it looks like one of those jam filled donuts, except that it’s coated in hundreds of green sugar crystals and filled with gooey, Guarana-spiked filling that is sure to give you a major energy boost to get you through the rest of the day.

So if you’re feeling the after effects of the long weekend and finding it hard to keep your eyes open for a whole day at work, why not sink your teeth into one a donut that’s sure to “improve you a bit”. Not only will it give you a blast of energy but it can be used as a convenient mid day snack too!

@nickehfilms knows improvement begins with a V Donut! 👌

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The Donut King x V Energy Donut that’s sure to pack a punch is available nationwide from Donut King stores now!

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