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Espresso Martini Easter Eggs Are Now A Thing!

By Isabella Lovric

Is everyone else baffled that it’s nearly Easter? It feels like only yesterday that it was Christmas day and everyone was inhaling eggnog like it was their last drink.

The season of chocolate, eggs and calories are nearly upon us and we want to introduce you to something that will rock your world.

Four words. 

Espresso. Martini. Easter. Eggs. 

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That’s right, Bakedown Cakery have created the egg-spresso easter egg that consists of deadly smooth espresso coffee ganache that they have kindly spiked with a generous hit of Kahlua. Not only does it sound amazing but it looks incredible also!

They also offer two other drooling options that might tickle your fancy as well. They offer a pandan lychee toasted coconut egg and a toasty egg.

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If you NEED these (we know you do), you can purchase them online here!

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