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Five Ways To Make A Night In Fun & Potentially Life-Saving

This is a nod to all the sleepless nights in our youth, having the time of our lives at slumber parties.

Staying up late, gossiping about boys, ordering pizza, plying yourself with so much sugar so that sleep was the last thing on your mind.

Before we graduated to nightclubs and bars, fancy restaurants and more adult dinner parties, there was nothing better than staying the night at a friend’s place.

(Well, it’s at least equal with hanging around aimlessly at the local shopping centre, window shopping.)

But for some reason as life gets busier and we are forced to ‘grow up’ the old night in with friends or slumber party falls by the wayside.

And we think it’s time for a comeback.

Hey if mullets and Fluro midriffs can do it, so can this…

What’s more – why not have a cheeky girls’ night in AND raise money for a good cause!!!

Girls’ Night In is an initiative from the Cancer Council to raise awareness and fundraise for women’s cancers.

Whether you want to elevate your night to a classy event or just relive your youth, we have you covered below!


Update: Get involved in the grazing table trend that is taking Instagram by storm. A mix of cheeses, meats, nuts, dips and antipasto goodness will leave your guests more than satisfied.

Flashback: Get online and order from your local pizza store and let them do the cooking for you. Bonus points if you use paper plates or just your hands for no clean up.


Update: Mimosas? Espresso Martinis? Get each of your guests to bring a different liquor (or shout if you are feeling especially generous) and there’s an automatic cocktail bar at your disposal.

Flashback: Depending if you are planning on an alcoholic or non-alcoholic event, the world is your oyster. Soft drink? Even add ice cream to make it a spider… Alcopops and lolly water? Ah, remember the days.


Update: Who doesn’t love a game of Cards Against Humanity to get to know the darker side of your guests. Or perhaps just use the occasion to catch up on everything happening in life – because those smaller details so often get lost in the busyness that is life.

Flashback: Rom Coms and Horror flicks on repeat. At least now we have Netflix and Stan, so we don’t have to do a last-minute dash to Blockbuster only to find out all the copies of Clueless have been rented out…


Update: iHeartRadio is your best bet to find a range of different radio stations, themed playlists and the right ‘mood’ for your guests.

Flashback: Get out the old CDs and cassette tapes that you have locked up in storage. Hopefully you still have a CD player to actually play it on. Props if you still have a record player and vinyl. Turn back time to the era of music that you sang along to in your teens and let the memories come flooding back.


Update: Cancer Council has you more than sorted on this front with Rose Gold decorations and tips and tricks galore. They also have invitations and a host kit

Flashback: Let’s face it less is more. Unless you have an old disco ball or lava lamp you can dust off.

We’ve given you all the tools to throw an epic Girls Night In. Now all you have to worry about raising money for a good cause and having fun!

For more information about the Cancer Council’s Girls’ Night In or to register, click here.


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