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Gin Filled Baubles Are Here To Make Your Tree Festive AF

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of gin...Well, a bauble filled with gin at least!

That's right you heard us correctly, christmas baubles...for decorating your christmas tree...filled with CHRISTMAS GIN!! Well the gin isn't necessarily christmas themed but who cares right, it's GIN!

Famous distillery, Pickering's in Edinburgh, is the company behind the genius idea that will help you get through the tiring task of putting up the christmas tree. Talk about getting that tree LIT amiright?

The range of glass baubles are filled with 50ml of the delicious alcoholic liquid to help get you into the festive spirit.

The boozy baubles were first introduced last year and were so popular that they sold out within minutes! This year, they've been released in stages as gift packs so that as many people as possible can get their hands on the the decorative shots.

Imagine decorating the tree, singing to Christmas carols and downing bauble after bauble...Now this is a Christmas tradition that we can get around!

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