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Guzman Is Legit Trialling Drone Delivery For Burritos

If you weren't convinced that Guzman Y Gomez were taking over before, well, you will be now. 

First it was mexican goodness in food courts, then a few standalone restaurants popped up. 

Then Guzman had us in a tizzy with drive thru branches and joining Uber eats...

But it seems food merely being delivered by someone on a moped isn't setting the bar high enough. 

Now they are trialling DRONE DELIVERY!

That's right - your burritos could drop from the sky in the near future. 

At the moment the trial is being rolled out in regional NSW near the ACT border. 

The Project Wing drone can travel at 120km/h and the team have, of course, created custom made delivery bags that keep the food hot and also stable while on the ride. 

 For more information click here...

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