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Heinz Have Announced BIG Changes To Their Baked Beans!

If you’ve been to the supermarket recently, you may have noticed that your favourite Kraft Heinz products may look a little different.

Its famous baked beans have been re-sized “based on research that found the existing can sizes didn’t match,” a statement from Heinz said.

It has also removed its Heinz logo and the word ‘Heinz’ from its packaging, which is considered a little risky - but the aim is to draw attention to the new, easy-to-distinguish sizing. “Removing the Heinz logo for a limited time is a bold move.

We want to emphasise our commitment to consumers and celebrate the introduction of the new can-sizes and occasions,” Kraft Heinz Australian Commercial President, Elkin Jackson said.


New 300g and 555g size cans have begun filling shelves while 130g and 220g size rebranded cans will replace former versions at Woolworths, Coles and IGA stores.

The 420g and 820g versions have been pulled from production. Kraft says it has removed its logo to replace it with “new names to highlight which can sizes are best for the different dining occasions”.

These names are the ‘Lil One’ (130 grams), the ‘One for One’ (220 grams), the ‘One for Two’ (300 grams) and the ‘One for All’ (555 grams).

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Source: news.com.au

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