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You've Been Cutting Avocados Wrong This Entire Time

No food has ignited such a passion in so many people as the humble avocado.

Got a flirty brunch date? Smashed avo on toast.

Can't be bothered cooking dinner? Smashed avo on toast.

Boyfriend cheating on you? Smashed avo on toast.

They can be used as a mask to fix your skin, they're packed with healthy fats, they can help you lose weight... Avocado is a WONDER fruit, and we did nothing to deserve it.

So what if we told you we've been slicing into our beloved avo the wrong way this entire time, and we could actually be making our lives a heck of a lot easier?

Mind = blown.

The trick is, apparently, to slice AROUND the middle of the avocado, rather than lengthways; that way you can just give it a little squeeze, the pit will pop out and you can scoop the flesh out, nice and easy.

This technique also makes it much easier to cut nice, thick slices out of the avo to make your brekkie Instagram even slicker.

AND if you have more restraint than we do and you're only using half at a time, there's less flesh being exposed to the air, which means less avocado turning brown.

So. Clever.

Thanks internet!

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