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Bacon & Eggs Is The Ultimate Breakfast For Weight Loss

A new report from CSIRO has confirmed the benefits of eating more protein at breakfast.

In fact, new research shows that Australians should up their protein intake in the mornings to at least 25g in a bid to stave off unhealthy cravings.

Starting the day with a breakfast filled with protein and plenty of good fats, like bacon and eggs with avocado, will help to control eating later in the day “If you find it difficult to control what you eat, a redistribution of protein towards breakfast may be the answer to reducing your waistline without leaving you ravenously hungry and craving unhealthy foods,” said senior principal research scientist for CSIRO and co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Professor Manny Noakes.


She outlined that for most Australians, protein intake is skewed towards the evening meal, with only small amounts eaten at breakfast.

Shockingly, the research found that on average women consume 11g of protein at breakfast, compared to the male average of 15g.

Older Australians consume the least amount of protein at breakfast but they’re the ones that need it the most, to prevent muscle loss. BRB, ordering bacon by the bucketload.


Source: news.com.au

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