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Lasagne Spring Rolls Exist & You Can Get Them For FREE Today

We’re becoming obsessed with all of the new weird and whacky food combos hitting the streets. Cronuts have pretty much turned into breakfast sensations and what’s better than washing it down with a coffee ice-cream cone?

But while these sweet options are undoubtably delicious, the latest food cross-over to hit the streets is here to fulfil all of our savoury needs and it sounds like it’s going to be an absolute hit.

Introducing the new and delicious Italian/Asian sensation, lasagne spring rolls!! Which is basically as delicious as it sounds: a thin and crispy pastry coating filled to the brim with bolognese beef, tomato sauce, lasagne sheets and cheese.


And what’s even better, is that today only you can go and grab two of the delicious lasagne spring rolls for FREE!

It’s all going down at Upper East Side in Bondi today (Thursday 5th July) from 5:30pm until 7:30pm to celebrate the launch of their new Thursday night winter special of all you can eat Lasagne Spring Roll’s for $26.

So if you can’t make it tonight and you miss out on your free taster-testers, you can always go any other Thursday night and eat as many of the lasagne spring rolls as your body can handle for just $26!

The only rules are that you get two free spring roll treats per person and you have to be sitting down in their venue to claim them but hey, there will be live music for you to listen to and of course you can wash down your free food with a one of their delicious cocktails.

Our Voodoo punch - we’re serious about our tikis 🌴✨👊🏾

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See you there!

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