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Mum DISGUSTED To Find ‘New’ Fridge Filled With Mould & Food

Imagine forking out HUNDREDS of dollars on a brand new fridge, only to have it delivered and get a whiff of a smell SO funky, it makes you want to vomit all over the floor.

Well, that’s what happened to a mum in the UK, who forked out £500 ($AU872) on a new fridge and had it delivered to her home.

Jacinta Ford spoke to The Sun Online, and described the smell; “I can’t even describe it, it was so pungent.


“For a second, it didn’t even dawn on me that the smell was from the fridge-freezer, because as far as I was concerned, it was brand spanking new.

“It made me heave.” Jacinta revealed she first realised something was wrong when she pressed the water dispenser and water came flooding out — with the overwhelming stench surrounding her when she opened the door to discover mould.


The mum said: “I opened the freezer door and there was mildew and mould inside it with a chip or something that someone had left inside.

“The whole thing was all mouldy and inside the fridge door were jars of used lemon curd and jam and a bottle of brown sauce.”


The retailer have agreed, after three calls, to pick up the appliance, but we’re sure we haven’t heard the end of this story.

Source: The Sun Online

Images via Jacinta Ford/ Sun Online

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