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There's A Salad In The US That Makes Women Go Into Labour

For many expectant mothers, the final weeks of pregnancy can be the hardest and sometimes, they just want that baby outta there!

According to many experts, there are many triggers to getting the process moving including long walks, eating spicy food and, ahem, sex, but have you ever heard of eating salad?

For almost thirty years, pregnant women in LA have been making the trip to Caioti Pizza Café to munch on a salad that is said to induce labour.

"The Salad" is Caioti's famous green combination of tossed romaine and watercress with walnuts and gorgonzola. However, it's not the physical salad itself that jump-starts the contractions. It's actually the restaurant's special balsamic basil vinaigrette!

"We've never claimed that 'The Salad' actually induces labor," Cindy LaDou, owner of Caioti Pizza Café told LA Weekly. "But, as my husband used to say...it helps."

Cindy told Buzzfeed US that the restaurant sees between 5 to 20 pregnant ladies a day and "tired looking men taking it to go".

The evidence is so strong that there's even a chalkboard citing all "The Salad babies" who have been born.


Oh baby, sounds like it works!


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