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People Were Offended With This Say Yes Ad. So They Did This

Internet warriors can be some of the most offensive, prejudice and uneducated of the lot of us.

But they also can be the most easily offended. 

42 Below Vodka entered the marriage equality debate with a tongue in cheek post. 

And everyone is invited! 


So whether you are straight or gay, drinking vodka straight up, on the rocks or with a twist, 42 Below have your back. 

However, with so many good things on the internet, people were quick to send hate to the page. 

So for those who saw the post and are against their stand on the 'vote yes' camp or were offended by the use of the word 'dick', the company have an alternative, which we kind of like even more. 

Shared alongside the caption "Apologies to those who got offended by the word 'dick', here's something a little less stiff," was this...


In between this and the sassy comebacks and engagement on the post, looks like they have won more than a few more loyal customers. 

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