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The one snack Yumi ALWAYS has on hand

Busy mum and 3PM Pick-Up host Yumi Stynes shares her fool-proof snack idea. 

Making things easier for yourself in the kitchen is basically my MO.  I’m busy!  I’m working!  Stop shouting at me! 

A hack that I use almost every day is to shamelessly dish out Qukes® baby cucumbers.

These are cute, kid-sized, super healthy teeny cucumbers - that you don’t have to peel, cook, or in any way work to make them fancy.

I *have* been known to keep a packet in the centre console of the car when I think I’ll be having ONE OF THOSE DAYS and, lemme tell you, I’m grateful for the healthy snack when I’m stuck in traffic, and a couple of Qukes® are the difference between Hangry Yumi and just Yeah Yumi. 

(And yes, if there are kids in the back you can pass them back no worries - no peeling, no wrapping, no chopping - and not even any rubbish at the end to find jammed between the seats weeks later!)

Yes, I have been known to take them to the movies. 

(They’re crunchy, and I like that, especially in a slow and turgid period drama.  “CRUNCH.”  Who’s that?  Looks around.  Shrugs.) 

They’re also perfect for school lunch boxes, work, picnics or summer days at the beach. There’s no cutting, no fussing, no need for a fork. 

Also, you can dip them in stuff.  What like?  Hummus, okay that’s obvious.  But other stuff, like my mum showed me if you’re into slightly obscure Japanese food - umeboshi plum paste dabbed on the end of a Quke® is AMAZING, as is a small dot of salty miso paste.

If, like me, you’re trying to feed your kids something healthy, pop a couple of these on their dinner plates for a healthy AND COMPLETELY EFFORTLESS hit of green. 

The best thing is - the kids actually eat them.

Here are some other ways to work the curious cucumber into your next meal

  • Cut the crusts off a slice of bread, spread with mayo, place a whole Qukes® on one edge and roll up to enclose in the bread. Slice into rounds for some delicious Qukes® sush
  • Slice lengthways and top with your favourite topping, like edamame guacamole, white bean dip, or cashew dip.
  • Wrap a Quke® in a piece of ham or smoked salmon and eat it as finger-food.  I’m SURE this is paleo.

For more delicious Qukes® snack ideas, click here


Available in Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Costco and independent retailers.

For more info, click here.

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