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Red Wine Brownies Are As Perfect As They Sound

Yes, you read the headline right… red wine brownies are ACTUALLY a thing… and we’re excited.

A genius blogger called A Cookie Named Desire came up with the delicious concoction which puts a boozy twist on an all-time favourite.

The recipe is called Red Wine Brownies with Drunken Cranberries and as it suggests the wine flavour is produced by soaking your cranberries in… you guessed it, wine.

The best thing is you don’t have to be a master chef to whip these babies up. The recipe is practically idiot proof and if for some reason you do stuff it up you’ve always got wine left over. Score!

If you're too lazy busy to make your own, many foodies have recommended buying packet brownies and adding wine instead of water. You're welcome.

If you'd like to try out the recipe click here.

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