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Snickers Are Releasing THREE New Flavours

If you thought you couldn't get any better than a classic Snickers then think again. You can - and you WILL.

Mars Chocolate have announced the creation of THREE new Snickers flavours specifically tailored to each of your annoying hangry moods: Irritable, Wimpy and Indecisive.

All of the epic new releases consists of your usual Snickers set-up, but with a nougat infused with something that won't only taste delicious, it'll help you out.

Irritable, for example, is flavoured with espresso to kick that cranky mood you're obviously in while Wimpy is layered with a hot pepper flavour to give you a little oomph.

And Indecisive? A salty and sweet combination to satisfy ALL of your cravings, whichever they may be.

"Snickers knows that when you're hungry, you lose your flavour and turn into your less desirable self," Mars said in a statement.

"Our new flavours paired with hunger symptoms provide an extended dimension to show how Snickers ultimately satisfies when hunger strikes."

Unfortunately the new range won't hit shelves until June 2018 and even then we're not sure if they'll be heading to Australia.

We can hope though, right?

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