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‘Sweatcoin’ Is The Crypto-Currency That Pays You To Move

If you missed out on the Bitcoin boom, you’re probably kicking yourself… a lot. Countless ‘spam’ e-mails made their way into my inbox and I ignored them all.

Had I read one, I may have bought in - and my money may have tripled, or quadrupled by now.

Ah, hindsight’s a marvellous thing, isn’t it? Well, we’ve just heard word of a new crypto-currency investment that will involve little to no investment from you, of a financial nature.

You see, in the US, UK and Ireland there’s a thing called ‘Sweatcoin’, which pays you to get fit. Seriously.

The app tracks and verifies your outdoor steps using your phones accelerometers and GPS location.


Those steps are then converted into currency - aka, Sweatcoins. Now, the app isn’t available in Australia yet, but it’s only a matter of time - and when it does come, it’s important to jump on it straight away.

Now, as far as what you can buy in ‘sweatcoins’, the website describes the rewards as; ‘Goods, services & experiences ranging from anti-gravity yoga classes to high-tech shoes, to iPhones and Apple Watches.


Keep an eye out, peeps.

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