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The Big Menu Change Coming To KFC That Will Change Your Life

There's been one BIG thing missing at KFC that's suddenly about to change. Just to make the start of the week that little more bearable, the Colonel has announced KFC is set to add a breakfast menu! 

We haven't heard such exciting news since KFC started selling their chips and gravy for just $2. 

The chain has already rolled out a few menu options which include a 'Chicken AM' which is basically a breakfast burger. The delicious concoction includes fried chicken, smoked bacon, cheese, a free range egg served in a bun. Yum! Clearly not an 'everyday' breakfast though... 

Source: Twitter

Also on the menu is the 'Bacon Roll' and 'Bacon and Egg Roll.' We're guessing Mc Donald's and Hungry Jacks will be shaking in their boots. 

The only downside to this drool worthy menu is the news that it's being trialled in the UK first, before being rolled out elsewhere.

So all those planning to visit the UK at the end of the year, add one more reason to your list for people to get jealous. 

The lucky spots include: 

- Brixton, London.

- Cobham, London.

- Hounslow Central, London.

- Victoria Station, London.

- Argyle Street, Glasgow.

- Braehead, Glasgow.

- Linwood, Glasglow.

- Llandudno, Wales.

- Newtown, Wales.

We're hoping it won't be too long before we see breakfast on the menu at Australian KFC's. 

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